Talent Hazelnut Chocolates


Talent Hazelnut
Talent Hazelnut

Delicious and incredibly pleasing Choco filled Samesky Talent Hazelnut is the finest treat for chocolate lovers. One can enjoy the delightful filling of Choco with Hazelnut Flavoured Cream and Rice Crispy in this chocolate. The chocolate is available in 2 KG Box pack, 1 KG Pouches & Box Packs and 1/2 KG Pouches.

Talent Milk

Chocolates are the ideal way to delight any day with love and a cute smile. SameSky is a deliciously enticing Hazelnut treat for any occasion. The chocolates meet the quality standard and are packed neatly in 1 KG and 1/2 KG pouches.

Talent Milk Chocolates
Talent Milk

Add wholesome of goodness to your day with a Samesky Talent Milk Chocolate. The crunchiness of rice and filling of rich Choco with milk flavoured cream gives a gratifying taste in every bite. Pamper your taste buds with this luscious Chocolates.

Talent Chocolates Milk

Chocolates are the perfect gift to convey your heartfelt words to your near and dear ones. In each bite experience pleasing taste that will never let you feel disappointed. This sturdily designed pouch pack of 1 KG and 1/2 KG consists of finest quality milk flavored choco filled delightful treat.

Talent Strawberry Chocolates
Talent Strawberry

Revive your mood in each bite of Samesky Talent Strawberry. The chocolate is crafted richly with finest ingredients to give a great feel of deliciousness that enlivens the bad temper. You can buy Samesky chocolates in 2 KG Box pack, 1 KG Pouches & Box Packs and 1/2 KG Pouches.

Talent Strawberry

Feel the deliciousness and pleasing taste in each bite of Talent Strawberry. It is richly made from finest ingredients where safety measures are used. Taste the rich choco filling along with strawberry flavor and crispy rice. The chocolates are available in 2 different packs, 1 KG, and 1/2 KG pouches.

Talent Vanilla Chocolates
Talent Vanilla

Confess in every bite while enjoying the delectable Talent Vanilla Chocolates. This intensely flavoured chocolate has a rich filling of Choco, and the crunchiness of rice with vanilla cream complements its alluring taste.

Talent Vanilla

Enjoy the delectable taste of richly filled choco with crispy rice and vanilla chocolates. The chocolate is an ideal choice for any occasion. This 1 KG and 1/2 KG pack of SameSky chocolates are available in the neat pouches pack.

Talent coffee Chocolates
Talent Coffee

Melt yourself in the taste of rich Choco and enjoy the fascinating feel of coffee with flavoured cream. Each bite of Talent Coffee Chocolate refreshes your mind. This chocolate is available in 2 KG Box pack, 1 KG Pouches & Box Packs and 1/2 KG Pouches.

Talent Chocolates coffee

Complement the occasion with the pleasing taste of richly flavored Talent Coffee. Feel the taste of coffee along with choco filling combined with crunchy rice. This pack of chocolates is available in pouches pack of 1 KG and 1/2 KG.